Features on the Hubtel app you will find useful

September 18, 2023 | 2 minutes read

If you are a frequent Hubtel app user, we know convenience is your thing. We get it; that’s why we designed our app to keep things simple and hassle-free. We have some useful features up our sleeves that you may or may not have an idea about. Keep still; some may blow your mind. 

Order tracking 

We get it. Sometimes you just can’t keep calm after placing an order. You want to be sure your food is on its way. With our order tracking system, you get to know the status of your order. You’ll receive updates from the moment we pick up your order until it arrives at your doorstep.

Delivery codes 

There is nothing more frustrating than having high hopes for a meal and receiving the wrong order. Nope, not in our books. Our delivery codes feature ensures that you receive the right item from the right person. It’s simple. When the delivery rider arrives, they’ll request a code sent to your Hubtel app and via SMS. You’ll confirm that you’re receiving exactly what you ordered.

Scheduled orders 

Do you perceive your day is going to be super packed? Here’s some good news for you! You can schedule your lunch in advance and get it delivered at the given time. So, you know what? Leave the trouble of getting your lunch on a busy day to us and have all the time and peace of mind to tackle what needs to be done. Sounds good? This feature is not limited to lunches alone. You can schedule your breakfast, dinner, everyday essentials and even medications to be delivered to you just at the time you want them.  

Favorite transactions 

It’s hard enough to memorize telephone numbers, not to mention account numbers. We promised you a convenient transaction, and that’s exactly how you will have it. With our smart favorite feature, you can save your most frequent transactions, such as airtime, data, bills, mobile money, and bank accounts. This makes all your future transactions easier and quicker.  

If you already knew about the features we mentioned, congratulations! You are a Hub-star. But if you are new and have yet to experience the convenient life with Hubtel, now is the time. Let’s go! 

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