How Golden Crystal Experience Ensures Exceptional Customer Service with Hubtel POS 

May 30, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Golden Crystal Experience is a hotel located in Adiriganor, East Legon, offering a variety of accommodations for short-term stays. Clients can choose from standard hotel rooms, as well as studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The Hotel is constantly being rated number one for customer service. However, despite its commitment to excellence, the hotel faced significant challenges with payment processing. 


Originally, Golden Crystal processed payments with handheld POS devices provided by its former service provider, which could not adequately meet their needs. “The challenge we encountered was that processing payments and the speed at which money was received were both slow,” says Mr. Ben Nortey, the CEO of Golden Crystal Experience. This issue of tied-up finances affected their cash flow because, in the hospitality industry, the timing of expenses and income needs to align to ensure smooth operations. He stated, “Previously, payments would take anywhere from one to two weeks or longer to be credited to our account. For a business such as a hotel, any delay has significant repercussions on operations.” 

With this challenge, the hotel wanted a solution that would streamline its payment processing to keep its overall operations more efficient. That is when they turned to Hubtel. 


With the switch to Hubtel’s POS, the hotel processed payments three times faster than before, and the turnaround time for payments to reflect in their account significantly reduced. “Hubtel came into the picture and provided us with the freedom to receive a variety of payments much faster,” Mr. Nortey says. “While not instant, payments settle within an hour, which for us, is a massive improvement compared to the two to three weeks we previously had to wait for payments to reflect in our account.” 

In the hospitality industry, the time value of money is a critical factor. “The significance and value of the hourly reimbursement by Hubtel for us is substantial,” he added. “We don’t have the luxury of readily available finances, so being able to access our money quickly and use it without delays is amazing.” 

Secondly, the customer service provided by Hubtel is what keeps the relationship. “I have witnessed Hubtel’s growth over the years, and through it all, they never lost their personal touch. Whenever we had an issue, someone was readily available to assist,’ Nortey added. “Despite their immense growth, we haven’t encountered any issue that took Hubtel more than an hour or two to fix.” 

Another benefit for Golden Crystal is the commission price charged. “Previously, amidst the delay with reimbursement, our service provider charged a higher commission. Switching to Hubtel not only grants us faster access to our money but also proves to be more affordable,” he added.  


Considering what makes a business in the hospitality industry thrive—excellent customer service—Golden Crystal has always been mindful of elevating their clients’ overall experience. From the reception to the restaurant and gym, all touchpoints, including the flexibility of payment, whether by cash, card, or mobile money, must operate smoothly throughout a client’s stay to enrich the entire experience.  

With Hubtel’s POS, Golden Crystal Experience efficiently processes a variety of payment methods. Additionally, the POS integrates seamlessly with Golden Crystal’s existing operations. The web management dashboard allows for real-time tracking of transactions and inventory management. This level of efficiency not only enhances the guest experience but also optimizes the hotel’s operations, contributing to its overall success in the competitive hospitality industry. 

“Hubtel has always been personable and made us feel important. So even if another company could process payments faster, we would still choose Hubtel because of that personal element.” He further stated, “I don’t know how Hubtel manages to offer such speed of service, excellent customer support, and affordability, but they do it somehow, someway, and it’s superb.” 

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