Keeping a Healthy Company: Hubtel Sets the Stage with Medical Screening and Competitive Fun Game

August 23, 2022 | 4 minutes read

After a successful launch of the Hubtel Health Awareness month which was launched to encourage staff to be mindful of their health, management and staff of Hubtel continued the month-long observation with a health screening and fun games.

Staff members in Accra and Tema, thronged the Hubtel Office inside Kokomlemle, Accra on Friday, August 19, to get their vitals checked and for key tests to be conducted. As a tech company who has embraced remote work for staff, the Hubtel Office which normally sees a hand full of employees on a regular day, for the first time, in a long while, saw staff members troop in in their numbers to partake in the health screening exercise. A show of commitment to a great initiative by management.

The medical screening, which is also dedicated to departed colleagues, Naa Yaa Konadu Forson and Gilbert Nkansah, and dubbed, the Nana Yaa Konadu Forson Health Screening, included tests such as; eye screening, full blood count, kidney function test, liver function test, prostate cancer test (for male staff only), pap smear for cervical cancer (females only), electrocardiogram test, among others.

In a LinkedIn post to acknowledge the exercise, the Chief Executive Officer of the company proudly shared; “Glad we could start this; #NanaYaaKonaduForsonHealthCheckup. Every August we will turn our attention to our health and check to see if we are well. In loving memory of Gilbert Nkansah and Nana Yaa Konadu Forson. We dearly miss you”.

Speaking on the importance of the exercise, Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs, Cornelis Rouloph Otoo said, “The importance of employee health and wellbeing cannot be understated. We understand that having employees in a healthy state is as good for them as it is for the business. Management is proud to have started this, and we are committed to seeing it through, year after year”.  

The activities continued with competitive Fun Games on Saturday August 20, 2022, at the Aviation Social Centre.  

With four teams formed from the 11 departments of the company, competition was keen as each team was eager to secure some bragging rights till the next competition. I mean, who wants to be the subject of ridicule on Monday?  

The 4 participating teams (each representing a Hubtel colour) were:  

  • Team Yellow, made up of Major Accounts & User Experience 
  • Team Red; Engineering & Infrastructure & Products & User Care 
  • Team Teal; eCommerce & Commercial  
  • Team Blue; Internal Affairs & Finance & Corporate Affairs.  

Each team was aiming for a victory or two in at least one of the games; soccer, basketball, volleyball, sack race, table tennis, tug of fun, and lime & spoon – every activity was a pleasing sight to behold.  

The day’s session began with an aerobics session, followed by a 3-aside basketball tournament, tug of fun, other games, and ended with the highly anticipated interdepartmental football gala with Team Blue coming out on top as winners of the gala.  

Speaking to Mr. Henry Armah, Facilities Manager and chief coordinator of the day’s events, he said “Today, we have showed that as a company, we are united and have a great bond. As competitive as the games were, we showed love, unity, and respect, and above all, had the fun we all purposed and planned for. Today was a good day. I look forward to the next fun games”.  

Many were happy with the turn of events as everyone went home with smiles on their faces.  

One employee echoed the sentiments of many in the company’s WhatsApp page when he said “Man I Love Hubtel oh, we are changing the world, we solve great problems and we have a great culture…

Hubtel is a company with great culture and a management team that seeks to prioritize the wellbeing and growth of its staff, and the events from the weekend and the month of August are enough to say they are really setting the tone for an overall healthier lifestyle for staff. 

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