Importance of Email Messaging For Your Business

March 24, 2016 | 1 minute read

Email is an essential tool for most businesses to communicate and connect with both employees and customers. The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices have increased the percentage of emails people read on the go.

Why Email Messaging Is Important For Your Business.

The world is going mobile – and email is going with it. Today’s customer is at the center of sales and marketing, and in order to satisfy their needs, you have to understand and provide before they even realize their need for it. Here is why you should use email messaging:

  • Keep your customers informed of new products/services
  • Retain customers through constant communication
  • Provide information of interest to your customers.
  • It’s a very affordable, effective means of customer outreach
  • Your audience has gone mobile and receiving emails is only as easy as they receiving SMS messages
  • Grow your social network followings by including links to your social media platforms at the bottom of your emails to help your contacts easily subscribe

SMSGH recently launched MYtxtBOX Email offering its customers multiple channels to engage with their audience. Business owners who want to reach their customers using email can do so online here.

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