International Women’s Day: Inspiring Inclusion with Women at Hubtel

March 8, 2024 | 8 minutes read

Happy International Women’s Day! Hubtel is proud to join millions around the world in recognizing the achievements and contributions of women. This year, we are sharing stories of women at Hubtel to #inspire inclusion.  

We spotlighted seven incredible women at Hubtel – Ruthie, Victoria, Irene, Mawunya, Franklina, Maureen, and Jennifer – and they talked about their roles, what they love about their jobs, and what keeps them going to inspire inclusion. 

Read on to hear what they have to say. 

Ruthie Armah, Machine Learning Specialist

“My job is a total thrill ride! I get to build and deploy the coolest ML models, all to push the boundaries of innovation in Marketing. The real fun begins when I get to team up with clients and stakeholders, to understand their needs and create solution models that knock their problems right out of the park.   

As the first (and hopefully not the last!) female ML specialist, I feel like the “Captain Marvel” of the AI Avengers team (yep, that’s what they call me!). My role at Hubtel allows me to combine my passion for machine learning with real-world applications that make a tangible impact. I’ve got all the resources I could ever need – a world-class working environment, top-notch computing resources, etc. The best part is the talented and diverse team I get to work with, who bring unique perspectives and expertise to the table, making every project an exciting learning experience, and a supportive, collaborative team that’s got my back every step of the way.   

As a self-taught female ML scientist, my journey has been nothing short of epic. And you know what I’ve learned? The barriers to women’s success are nothing but a flimsy glass wall. All you have to do is run at it with full speed, and you’ll shatter it into a million pieces! So, let’s keep shattering those barriers and having a blast while we’re at it!” 

Victoria Alajemba, Lead Engineer 

“I work as a mobile engineer at Hubtel, mainly working on the Hubtel app that allows you to find and pay for everyday essentials from local retailers and service providers. 

The best part of my job is building features that enable everyone to participate in the digital economy. It’s amazing to think about how, in a matter of seconds, you can buy food, send money, or get car insurance. It’s even more satisfying knowing that the work I do makes the lives of Ghanaian residents easier.  

Additionally, working at Hubtel is all about finding your flow. Understand what works best for you and Hubtel will allow you to grow into your very best self. The trust you get the very first day is crazy. 

If I could offer one piece of advice, it’s that the tech industry offers numerous opportunities, and women seeking to transition from more traditional white-collar jobs can explore these opportunities. If you’re already in tech and looking to level up, don’t hesitate to apply to Hubtel. I might be biased when it comes to Hubtel, but in Ghana, there’s no better place to thrive as a participant in the technology ecosystem.” 

Irene Lodonu, Market Insight Analyst 

“As a Market Insight Analyst, a greater part of my role is analyzing customer behavior and using this information to help Hubtel make informed marketing decisions. I also make sure our online content is easy to find in search engines and that is the SEO part of my role. 

The best part of my job is making sense of data and telling its story. I love seeing how numbers and trends can inform better decisions for Hubtel. Talking about Hubtel in general, the best thing is that you are allowed to be yourself to deliver results. Working at Hubtel allows you to learn and get better at your chosen career path. We are all a team of people who love tech and use it to solve everyday problems to make our customers happier. 

I’d like to encourage women to share their unique thoughts and experiences. Your different ideas are very important and can help create better, more inclusive solutions. Don’t underestimate the value of your voice and confidence; by sharing your thoughts, you can inspire more women to do the same. Let’s keep it simple and make a big impact in our respective ways.” 

Mawunya Kudu, Legal & Compliance Manager 

“My role as a Legal and Compliance Manager at Hubtel involves formulating and reviewing company policies and contracts, as well as providing guidance on the application and interpretation of industry-related laws and regulatory compliance. 

I love my role because I see its impact every day. It’s not merely routine; I am able to contribute to mitigating risks. For instance, ensuring compliance with regulatory bodies translates into avoiding fines and other sanctions. 

The semi-autonomous leadership style at Hubtel is one reason why I love my job. I find that even though there is a place for supervision, there is largely room to make certain decisions independently. On the human relations front, I have a great boss who encourages discussion and provides ample support. Additionally, my colleagues are a joy to work with.  

Women are incredibly capable and should not miss out on opportunities to grow and evolve because of self-doubt. You miss out on 100% of the chances you don’t take.” 

Franklina Amoah, Lead UX Designer 

“Hi, I’m Franklina Amoah but everyone calls me Frankie. I design solutions for our existing products to achieve goals like revenue, customer retention, and growth. As a team lead, I manage four designers, directing them on design solutions, operations, and other tasks to align with stakeholder and user preferences. 

The best part of my work is digging through a problem and finally coming up with a solution for it. Nothing will ever work in the Hubtel App without a design. That’s a subtle heavy responsibility for all designers. Every day, there’s the opportunity to either make something better or bring a new idea to life. 

I can’t love my work without my workplace. Hubtel is full of people and people make up Hubtel. To be a bit specific, I love my team. We know when it’s time to work and we know when it’s time to play. 

I had someone telling me I am too “eye-red” (meaning, I go hard for whatever I want) as a woman. I found that complimenting. It essentially meant to me that I am a go-getter. Whatever I aim to achieve, I am willing to go the extra mile to attain it—all I need to do is start.  

For everything I am today, it’s because of small actions like watching a YouTube video, practicing, and sharing my work. I encourage every woman who thinks starting is impossible to begin with small steps today. The journey may seem long, but the only way to shorten it is to take that first step.” 

Maureen Miassi, Retailer Success Executive 

“Among other responsibilities, I liaise with the Marketing Team at Hubtel to produce promotional artwork for retailers and ensure that the same standards are followed across all the zones in Ghana, when it comes to restaurant promotions and advertisements on the Hubtel App. 

The best part of my job is researching and sharing ideas on what will attract customers, based on the specific needs of each zone Hubtel operates. 

Hubtel is a place where everyone is included; there’s a diverse variety of people, young and old, friendly and reserved. It’s a workplace filled with everything you can imagine, yet there’s a strong sense of belonging. Everyone feels welcome to collaborate and work together towards the company’s vision: Building a platform that everyone can find, pay, and easily partake in the digital economy! 

As the saying goes, ‘appetite comes with eating’. The first step will make you enjoy the whole process. Even when we don’t think we can achieve our goals, taking the first bold step will mark the path. It is not going to be easy, it was never meant to be, but it will be worth it.” 

Jennifer Delali Lotse, Associate Product Manager 

“Here at Hubtel, my role is to oversee and lead the entire product development lifecycle of any product assigned to me. Ensuring all developments are adhered to, and collaborating with stakeholders to define the product vision, business model, product objectives, and success metrics. 

The best part of my job is identifying the problems people face in our digital economy and offering solutions that tell a story easy to follow, making the change and adoption of technology seamless for our users. At Hubtel we are committed to digitizing the African economy and it’s a joy to be part of this great achievement. 

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I urge us to focus on the next generation. ‘Inspire Inclusion’ is a call to action to create a world where every woman, young and old, feels valued, heard, and empowered to pursue their dreams. Let’s help younger women find their feet as they enter the tech space. Let’s create equal opportunities for them, allowing their voices to be heard.” 


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