Muttina Baci Elevates Snack Bar Experience with Hubtel POS 

December 18, 2023 | 4 minutes read

Growing up, Belinda has always had a passion for catering, even though she studied to become a secretary. Right after school, she set up her own ice cream business named Muttina Baci in 1988. “Muttina” is a combination of her name and that of her husband, and “Baci” means “kiss” in Italian, as this is the place where she learned how to make ice creams.  

Motivated by her passion for catering, Belinda decided to expand her business by opening a snack bar at the Kotoka International Airport in 2006. When discussing the decision to open a snack bar at the airport, Belinda stated, “I felt a nudge to come to the airport.” Explaining how this decision has benefitted her business, she noted, “from a business perspective, the airport has a lot of people coming through on a daily basis —some waiting in the lounge for their flights, others accompanying their loved ones, and some passing through for their personal engagements. Sometimes, these people would want to grab a quick bite.” 

Generally, at an airport, people are in a hurry to get things done, and that is why, even though she was content with the old-school way of accepting payments, she recognized the need to advance to meet the demands of her customers.  

With Hubtel’s POS now in the picture, Muttina Baci has been able to: 
  1. Handle sales transactions quickly 
  1. Saved time by not processing inventory manually 
  1. Improve service speed  
  1. Process a broad range of payment methods 

The airport has a bustling and competitive atmosphere, with many similar shops and bars catering to customers. Moreover, most people who come to the airport have limited time to catch a flight and may want to grab a quick snack before doing so. Others also come with a diverse range of payment methods, and any barrier could lead to a lost customer. Additionally, for Belinda, who manages multiple businesses and delegates some roles to others, having a secure system in place is crucial to help her manage her business efficiently. 

“Besides my snack bar here at the airport, I am also a farmer and a philanthropist caring for over 20 widows in my village. Because of this, I am mostly out of Accra, so I needed a system to help keep my snack bar well organized.” 


The snack bar transitioned to Hubtel POS – a mobile retail software with a web management dashboard that enables businesses to accept payments from mobile wallets across all networks and banks, generate invoices, and manage inventory in real time. 

For Belinda, the ability to handle sales transactions quickly made it easy for the snack bar to serve customers promptly. The inventory management feature helps her keep track of sales items, ensuring her business stays organized and maintains smooth operations even when she is busy attending to other commitments. 

“I was at my village during the Farmers’ Day holiday, which is something I do every year with my family. Despite this, I remained aware of my inventory levels and the sales my snack bar was making because I received notifications on my phone to alert me.” 


Embracing change as a business can help you address problems you did not even know existed. 

“On my stretch, I was the first business to start using a POS machine to enhance my services before everyone else adopted it.” 

For Belinda and her snack bar, Muttina Baci, using Hubtel’s POS has enhanced her customers’ experience. Apart from being popular at the airport for her delicious pastries and exceptional customer service, the ability to complete customer transactions quickly is an added advantage for them as well. 

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