The Switch-Over Update

July 19, 2019 | 3 minutes read

The Switch-Over Update

It’s all coming together

Here’s what to expect on the new platform

Login With QR Code

Simpler, faster and more secure way to log in


Your personal page to view all your personal account activities on Hubtel

Products and Services

A brand new inventory sub-system to manage all the things you sell, be it a Product or a Service


A new accounting system built on an ISO 8583 compatible banking system to assure proper accounting of all sales

This will enable hourly settlements (a significant improvement over the current next day settlement)

Hubtel POS

An entirely new POS app. Rebuilt to be simple and fast so you sell without hassle

Business Dashboard

Your new Dashboard is faster, easier to use and re-organised so the most important data is one click away 

  • Branch Specific Insights 
    View key information and trends per branch. Add a mobile number and an email address for notifications on incoming sales and inventory updates.
    If you run a one-branch business, the information you see applies to your business.
  • Customer Rating  
    New dashboard now shows you how your customers generally feel about the quality of service they receive from your business
  • Sales Summary
    Gives you a 360 overview of all your sales information. See all your pending orders; orders awaiting pickup and every single transaction for business
  • Customer Insights
    Get a detailed profile of your customers from the first time they ever paid you. See who are churning as well as your most active customers and reward them accordingly. 

Hubtel POS

  • Scan Barcodes with the Camera on Your POS Phone/Tablet
    No barcode scanner? No problem, you can now scan item barcodes with the camera on your mobile device (tablet, iPhone or iPad).
  • Multi Cart  
    If your business serves many customers who constantly update their orders — at the same time — like restaurants, car washing bays, hotels, beauty shops,
    your sales employees can now open multiple tabs or carts; and checkout when the customers are ready to pay. 
  • Discounts 
    Apply random discounts to any sale! Simply enter the discount amount to the customer’s cart before checkout. 
  • Contacts  
    Save contact details of your customers directly onto your POS for easy access at checkout.
  • Sales History
    Detailed overview of sales completed in-store, online and on mobile by payment channel right from your POS

Online Payments

  • Onsite Checkout 
    Your customers no longer leave your website to make payments via Hubtel. You can switch to the onsite Checkout and avoid the redirect to the Hubtel Checkout.
  • Quick & Easy Payments With Vodafone Cash: No More Tokens 
    Payments using Vodafone Cash is now easier. Simply send your customers a prompt to complete payment. Your customers don’t need to generate a token before payments can be made
  • Optimized Customer Checkout 
    Removed all barriers to ensure customers easily make payments once they start the checkout process. 
  • Multiple Payment Wallets 
    Make payments faster by adding multiple wallets to your personal phone number.

Unlock a new level of convenience with the Hubtel app

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