Gen Z vs Millennials: What are they ordering? 

June 24, 2024 | 2 minutes read

We know Gen Z and Millennials are different. But how different are they when it comes to food? With a street survey of what both generations have been ordering, we sought to find the favorite foods of these two generations and what they enjoy eating the most for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Before we dive into the blog post, any guesses on the favorite meals of these two generations? 

Breakfast: What do we have on our plate? 

Could waakye be the country’s official breakfast? Well, both generations seem to agree. It’s interesting to know that when it comes to breakfast, these two generations are not very distinct—they both enjoy a delicious bowl of Hajia’s waakye to start their day.  

An image of waakye, which is the confirmed breakfast for Gen Z and Millennials

What’s for lunch? 

When it comes to lunch, both generations have a shared favorite—Jollof. It’s interesting to note that the two generations have similar meal choices for lunch. The top three lunch meals for both Gen Z and Millennials are jollof, fried rice, and waakye. 

An image of Jollof. Which is a breakfast favorite of both Gen Z and Millennials.

Dinner is served! 

So far, dinner is where the two generations show different preferences. While most Gen Z will order fried rice for dinner, Millennials enjoy jollof for their evening meal. 

Extra bites 

From our data, we noticed some interesting patterns about these two generations. We observed that when it comes to selecting other meal options for lunch, many Millennials prefer Fufu over Gen Z. There is a higher number of Gen Z ordering Indomie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, particularly lunch. Additionally, Millennials tend to order plain rice more often than Gen Z does. 

Nonetheless, a firm favorite among both generations is Jollof, which remained in the top two choices for food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

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