SMSGH In The News – Ghana’s MYtxtBOX Redefines Bulk Messaging Globally

December 20, 2013 | 4 minutes read

Kokomlemle, Accra, Ghana — SMSGH, the makers of the globally recognized bulk SMS platform, MYtxtBOX, have added new features to the platform that makes it the first in the world to allow users to send pictures, videos, voice/music in addition to text messages.

Hitherto, SMS, both in the form of single or bulk messages was only limited to text, but the all new MYtxtBOX redefine SMS and now allows all the multimedia content on the SMS platform, and they could also be sent to multiple recipients at the same time from either the phone, tablet or PC.

This is an improved version of MMS with an opportunity for interactivity, and it places the SMS platform in the class of web messaging platforms like Viber, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and the others.

MYtxtBOX also allows users to create and assign a #Hashtag to ones contact group and allow recipients of bulk messages to easily reply to messages, and also allows new people to easily join the contact group by send a message to the #Hashtag.

“Your own #Hashtag works on short code 1942,” said General Manager of SMSGH, Alex Adjei Bram.

MYtxtBOX, which is available for free registration at, also allows users to create and choose from as many sender IDs as one wants, and gives the user the option of up to five messaging tools to upload and send messages to millions of people just by one click of a button.

The platform also allows users to monitor the length of the messages they type and thereby able to create a template for subsequent bulk messages in the future, and it also allows real-time tracking of airtime consumption in the form of analytical reports in the user’s account.

Alex Adjei Bram said the all-new MYtxtBOX also offers more than 10 ways to top up credit, including the use of mobile money, Visa Card, Master Card, ATM card, online payment, and others, and also offers great discounts as the people in the group receiving the bulk SMS increases, or depending on the bundle one purchases.

“No other messaging service offers more volume and or recurrent discounts than MytxtBox,” he said. “You register for free and pay only 3Gp per every message delivered but as the number of recipients increases the rate reduces to as low as 1.5Gp per delivery. No contracts and no service charges for the tool on MYtxtBOX. ”

Bram noted that the old MYtxtBox had 36,000 customers from across Ghana and other parts of the world, and it aggregated at least 25million text messages every month, adding that since the new features were added, more people have signed on both here and abroad and it is expected that users would hit 50,000 plus by the close of the year, which is a few days away.

He observed that the main users of MYtxtBOX have been small businesses, schools, churches, clubs, associations, societies, and other such groups that require the same communication to a lot of members/customers at the same time.

The GM SMSGH is confident MYtxtBOX would give value, particularly to small businesses like restaurants, clothing designers/artisans, and others who need to reach several customers at the same time and inform them about new stuff available.

“It is also great for big businesses like banks who need to broadcast available promotions, new services, new offers, and other vital information to several customers at the same time,” he said.

“We have been doing bulk SMS for the past eight years. We have mastered the game and we believe this is a game changer because it redefines bulk SMS and where it is expected to go in the future,” Bram said.

He is also glad that the all-new MYtxtBOX is positioned to drive interactivity between all levels of businesses (large, medium, and small) with their customers at a very affordable rate.

Bram assured potential users that MYtxtBOX is designed to send messages to only subscribers, and not to broadcast unwanted messages to persons without their express permission through signing on to a particular bulk SMS group through the #Hashtag of that group.

The new MYtxtBOX platform also offers improved support services when the user adds a Support Ticket from his/her account.


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