Extending The Frontiers Of Organisational Communication; Ghana’s SMSGH Introduces Online Voice Messaging

May 5, 2015 | 2 minutes read

In the 21st-century world of business communications, an organization’s chances of survival and success are heavily reliant on its ability to communicate effectively. To achieve a business’ communication objectives, be it among internal staff, partners, or customer engagement activities; speed, clarity, and relevance are three underlying tenets that need not be overlooked.

Traditional communication mediums such as face-to-face meetings, telephones, noticeboards, newspapers, mail, fax, radio, and TV are among the most effective channels in use. Yet rapid advancements in technology have improved the speed, reach, and storage capacities of newer channels like Instant Messaging (IM), email, and bulk SMS. Voice Messaging is one such channel gaining recognition as a preferred medium for broadcast marketing since it yields higher deliverability which leads to greater conversions.

With Voice Messaging the recipient does not require internet connectivity. The message is delivered in a simple fashion similar to a normal phone call. When a target recipient’s phone rings and the call is accepted, the voice clip automatically plays prompting the user for an action. Thus Voice Messaging is a faster and clearer form of communication; where done right can motivate a series of desired user actions.

SMSGH a leading Telecom Value Added Services (VAS) provider in Africa recently released a new Voice Messaging feature on MYtxtBOX; a suite of web tools for business communications.

The service is among the first of its kind open to users working with a set of Ghanaian recipients’ contacts list. The service is currently accessible on www.MYtxtBOX.com with free trial options for both new and existing users. There are limitless possibilities to the application of Voice Messaging and it is worth taking some time to explore some of its uses as it relates to the core operations of your business.

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