Hubtel Pledge Supports St. Augustine’s College, in APSU ‘99 Legacy Project 

August 17, 2023 | 4 minutes read

In a remarkable display of dedication to education and a commitment to giving back, Hubtel, a wholly owned Ghanaian company with deep ties to St. Augustine’s College, through its corporate social responsibility wing, Hubtel Pledge has offered its support to the APSU ’99 Legacy Project.  

The APSU ’99 Legacy Project holds special significance for Hubtel, as all three of the company’s co-founders—Leslie Kwabena Gyimah, Ernest Apenteng, and Alex Bram—are proud alumni of St. Augustine’s College, belonging to the ’99 year group. Their shared journey through the halls of this venerable institution has forged a strong bond between Hubtel and their alma mater. 

The alumni of the 1999 year group of St. Augustine’s College on Saturday, August 12, 2023, unveiled the APSU ‘99 Legacy Project at the launch of the school’s 94th speech & prize giving at the Coconut Groove Hotel. 

In a video communication to the ‘99-year group, the CEO and co-founder of Hubtel, who was a guest speaker at the launch of the project, Mr. Alex Bram expressed the significance of contributing to the APSU ’99 Legacy Project. “The road to quality education and the development of Ghana is littered with the achievements of people who attended some of the very best secondary schools in West Africa,” the CEO stated. “Secondary education is the bedrock of Ghana’s education, and it’s a very important gesture for us to continue this legacy in supporting our school and continuing what the pioneers have done.” 

The CEO emphasized the importance of quality education and facilities for the growth of the country. With the increased pressure on school infrastructure due to the government’s free SHS policy, St. Augustine’s College, like many other institutions, faces challenges in providing a conducive learning environment. “Quality education requires quality facilities,” Mr. Bram continued. “That is the more reason why we need to support the project of renovating some of the facilities in the school to help the school move things along and also help all the students to enjoy the facilities that we enjoyed when we were in the school.” 

The APSU ’99 Legacy Project is focusing on the renovation of an 18-room classroom block, a vital hub for countless students. The CEO revealed that the executive board of the ’99 group had approached Hubtel’s founders about the state of the classroom block, highlighting the urgent need for renovation and support. “Our help will go far in helping the school maintain the status quo and help the current students enjoy this facility,” he remarked. 

To kickstart the initiative, Hubtel, through its CSR wing, Hubtel Pledge, committed a generous seed fund of GHS800,000 to the project. This significant contribution will set the wheels in motion, though it’s acknowledged that additional funds are needed to fully complete the renovation project and organize the upcoming 94th speech and prize-giving day event. The CEO urged all alumni to unite and rally sponsors to contribute, ensuring the project’s success. 

Mr. Bram believes that the collective efforts to support St. Augustine’s College will serve as an inspiration to current students, guiding them to chart their own paths to success. “With the support and contributions coming from all over the world, from all Apsunians and from sponsors, I am sure it will inspire the students that these are people that have walked their path before and these people are doing very well,” the CEO asserted. 

As the legacy project gains momentum, it is expected to leave an indelible mark on St. Augustine’s College, Cape Coast, and contribute to the ongoing growth and development of Ghana. 

About Hubtel Pledge

The Hubtel Pledge supports causes that enhance the quality of life in the communities where we live and work. We commit 1% of profit, 1% of paid employee time, and 1% of products to serve our communities.

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Hubtel Merchant Portal: A Refreshed New Look

August 6, 2023 | 3 minutes read

We’ve refreshed how you access your merchant portal on Hubtel, and in the process fixed a few minor concerns, as part of our commitment and focus on serving you better.

These changes highlight key services you use for your daily activities; PaymentSMS, and Customer Insights.

Here’s What’s New Under Payments!

You can now create and share invoices as links to your customers and receive payments at any time.

Track all invoices created on each branch of your business with their corresponding statuses.

Links can be generated and sent as Simple Payment Requests, Full Invoices, or Automated Debits.

Scheduled Payments

You can now view a log of all recurring payments and cancel upon your customers’ requests.

Here’s What’s Changed

Details of your sales activities are now captured as Transactions.

Extra income earned from reselling programmable services is also captured as Commissions.

Both your Transactions and Commissions are under Payments. This means you will now have to tap on Payments to view your Transactions (sales) and Commissions.

Customer Insights

The newly designed interface provides access to valuable customer information that can help you learn more about your customers.


You can now initiate and complete transfers from “Transfer from Deposits”.

“Pay Employees and Suppliers” has been updated with a new look.

You can make payments in bulk using “Send from Excel“ and approve your transactions using “Approvals”.

A Simplified and User- friendly Dashboard

Your business dashboard has been modified to provide a more intuitive, real-time overview of your business activities.


Sending, scheduling, and viewing reports in real-time has never been easier with our Direct Gateway Messaging Service.

Managing your Statements, Cash Outflows, and Deposits

Your business’s settlement accounts can now be accessed under “Deposit accounts.“

Additionally, you can view statements of your transactions under “Settlement Statements.“

“Cash out flows” allows you to view and download a list of all your payouts and outflows.

Managing Your Account 

“Manage Business” is now Overview where you see all your business details.

You can now assign two super administrators to approve payments on behalf of the business account owner under Employee Permissions.

Set up your bank or mobile money account details under Transfer and Settlement.

Manage the branches of your business from the “Branches” section.

Your USSD codes can still be accessed under the USSD page.

Introducing your Account Settings

Threshold notifications are now sent to you when you reach your API SMS and Prepaid account limits.

You can also monitor your employees’ actions through the Audit Logs.

The Error Logs provide insights as your SMS messages are processed for delivery.

With Automated Reports, you can now schedule when to receive your payment and SMS reports, eliminating the need for manual downloads.

Access all downloads initiated from the portal or automatically from the Downloads page.

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