Improved features for a smooth experience

April 19, 2024 | 3 minutes read

Yes, there’s something different about the Hubtel app

From the moment you open the Hubtel app, we want you to have a smooth experience. We have made it easy for you to find whatever you are looking for, see customer reviews to help you decide on what meals to order, and much more. 

So, as of now, the new improvements include: 

  • An improved search feature for a smooth experience. 
  • A customer review feature to help you decide on the best meals to order. 
  • A “Trending meals & groceries” feature to give you a list of your area’s favorites. 
  • A “Recommended for you” feature to give you a comprehensive selection based on your order history. 
  • Popular, local, Groceries and Promos. 
  • Food and Everyday Essentials. 

Discover what they’re about and how they’ll help you enjoy your overall app experience. 

An improved search feature 

We’ve made it easier for you to find what you’re looking for with an improved search feature that scans across all categories (food, groceries, bills, etc.) to enhance your overall app experience. Whether it’s your favorite restaurant or something more specific like a grocery item, you can quickly and easily find whatever you need. 

A customer review feature 

You can now see reviews from other customers on meals from restaurants to help you decide on the best meals to order. After an order has been received, you can rate the rider and the restaurant on a five-star scale. People browsing the app will see the ratings and your reviews to help in deciding what to eat. 

Recommended for you 

“What should I have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?” When hunger strikes, it’s not always a straightforward decision when you have so many restaurants and food options to go through. This feature provides a personalized experience for you through restaurant and food recommendations. Based on your order history, you can see restaurants that fit your taste the moment you open the app. 

Trending meals and groceries 

With this feature, it is easy to find your area’s go-to meals and grocery items, just in case you need a bit of inspiration in deciding what to order. Whether you’re craving your favorite meal or looking to try something new, the trending meals and groceries feature provides a curated selection of what’s popular, so you can keep up with what people are enjoying near you. 

Popular, Local, Groceries, and Promos 

Looking to try popular meals in your area? Craving local dishes? Stocking up on groceries? Or looking for promos? Discover a variety of popular meals everyone loves in your area, enjoy your favorite local meals, easily find all your grocery items, and take advantage of exciting promos and offers with this feature to make your experience even better. 

Food and everyday essentials 

No need to navigate through the whole app when you know exactly what you are looking for. With the “Food and Everyday Essentials” feature, you can find a variety of food and everyday essentials with just a tap. Plus, it’s even easier to find what you need because there are subcategories to help your search.  

Don’t miss out on the improved features! Update your app today. But if you haven’t downloaded the app yet, click here to get the Hubtel app. 

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A new way to pay 

May 9, 2024| 2 minutes read

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March 28, 2024| 2 minutes read

An Improved Search Feature

March 28, 2024| 2 minutes read

Nova realizes full sales proceeds and other benefits with Hubtel POS 

April 18, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Nova is a trading name for Westol Petroleum Limited, a wholly owned Ghanaian oil marketing company. Fairly new in the oil marketing industry, Nova’s mission is to provide high-quality, long-lasting fuel at affordable prices to the average Ghanaian. 


The decision by Nova to use Hubtel was driven by Nova’s desire to provide a convenient payment method for their customers, regardless of their preferred mode of payment, and to reduce the risk associated with carrying cash. 

Mr. Kwasi Zigah, Managing Director of Nova Ghana, explained the decision to use Hubtel, stating, “We turned to Hubtel because we wanted to offer our customers the flexibility of having more payment options for the fuel we provide. Additionally, this decision aligns with the government’s agenda to promote a cashless economy.” 

For Nova, Hubtel offers a comprehensive range of services that meet their business needs. With Hubtel’s POS, Nova is able to accept and process payments quickly, including card payments, bank transfers, mobile money, and a USSD code that customers can easily use to make payments. 

Additionally, with the web management dashboard that comes with the POS, Nova has the ability to monitor the performance of each of their fuel stations across the country right from its head office. With these insights, they can make informed marketing decisions for their promotions and loyalty programs. 

“I would say Hubtel is a digital partner for businesses like us because the platform not only aggregates payments but also provides a dashboard that allows you to have visibility into who is buying from you and how much they are purchasing. For example, at Nova, we are aware of the average purchase per customer visit, which is a key indicator helping us understand the station’s performance and the payment methods preferred by each customer,” says Zigah. 


“The OMCs have always faced the challenge of maximizing the full value of purchases or sales proceeds. Therefore, digital payment options, such as Hubtel, help secure our cash flow and effectively address this challenge,” says Zigah. 

Using Hubtel not only prevents small thefts among staff but also mitigates the risk of robbery at the station. Additionally, with Hubtel, they are able to realize sales proceeds in real-time, which is highly valuable for the business.  

Zigah further said, “For us, this is where Hubtel offers unmatched value, something no other service provider can provide.” 

By using Hubtel’s POS, Nova is able to realize its full sales proceeds, serve a wide range of customers irrespective of their payment methods, and leverage insights from the web management dashboard to make informed marketing decisions. 

“We have seen improvements in our sales. In the past, a customer might have driven away because we didn’t offer card payment options, especially in residential areas where customers frequently use their cards for payments,” he says.  


Since using Hubtel, Nova has been able to: 

  • Seamlessly collect and process a broad range of payment methods. 
  • Monitor the sales performance of fuel stations. 
  • Gain insights to aid marketing decisions. 
  • Improve its overall customer experience. 

Looking to the future, Nova seeks to do even more with the insights they have on their average customer, thanks to Hubtel. With plans for a customer loyalty program and sales promotions dedicated to fostering connections with its customers, Nova aims to turn them from one-time buyers into repeat, lifelong customers. 

“As a business, we aim and shoot. Sometimes, we hit the mark, and other times things may not go as planned. However, with Hubtel, it gives us the opportunity to aim, shoot, and get it right the first time because we know who our customers are, and we can reach them easily,” says Zigah. 

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Hubtel Pledge Supports St. Augustine’s College with First Coding Lab in Ghana

April 12, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Hubtel Pledge, the corporate social responsibility foundation of Hubtel, as part of its support to  St. Augustine’s College has fulfilled its promise to furnish a state-of-the-art Coding Lab, a first of its kind for any senior high school in Ghana.  

The project, unveiled during the school’s recent celebration of its 94th Anniversary and Speech Day, is part of the APSU 1999-year group legacy project. It is made up of a refurbished 18-classroom block equipped with innovative technology, smart classrooms, 900 new furniture sets, and individual projectors in every room.  

This impressive renovation provides a significantly enhanced learning environment for over 900 students. Inside this state-of-the-art edifice is the Coding Lab, championed by Hubtel to help generations of students learn how to write code. The Coding Lab marks a significant advancement in equipping the Ghanaian youth, more specifically, the current students at St. Augustine’s College with the essential digital skills necessary for them to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. 

It will be recalled that in August 2023, Hubtel Pledge supported the cause with an amount of GHS800,000 during the launch of the legacy project. Hubtel topped that up with the Coding Lab. The entire Lab project was planned and executed by Hubtel, covering infrastructure, furniture, and the technology to equip the Lab with. 

The quality of education in the modern world is massively facilitated by the quality of facilities readily available to the students. And the quality of facilities depends on how relevant they are to solving real-world problems. The Coding Lab was put together to help students learn how to write codes, an in-skill demand in the modern work environment. Every business requires these keep skills to achieve their goals.  

Alex Bram, CEO of Hubtel, commented on the project’s impact, saying: “The free SHS has been great. I’ve met people here whose background is almost very similar to ours. They come from very difficult economic backgrounds, but free SHS has opened it up, but it has also put a lot of stress on the infrastructure, so it looks like we have to quicken the pace of maintenance to catch up. What we did here will open so many doors, give others the confidence to pursue their dreams. It will make their life a little bit comfortable as they walk through the school. Sending the ladder back so somebody else can climb it. And I think that is the best feeling.” 

Henry Arthur Gyan, Headmaster of St. Augustine’s College, expressed his appreciation for the initiative: “Every year we have people come in to donate. It’s helping the school in a very good way because as an educational institution students need a very good environment to study.” 

Ernest Apenteng, General Manager of Hubtel, spoke about the legacy of giving back: “Old mates and people prior to our time had given back and we have benefitted from the good of their donations so it was clearly natural that we also continue on that path so that the students will also feel part of the APSUNIAN brand.” 

Francis Gavor, CEO of Rock Africa, chimed in on the importance of impactful giving: “There is blessing in giving back, and the rest of it is the impact of the giving. The most important thing is to identify what you can do that will transcend to many generations.” 

Elliott Asiedu, Convener of APSU ’99, highlighted the significance of the project: “APSU ’99 has set the standard when it comes to hosting of speech day in St. Augustine’s College and by extension other second cycle institutions in Ghana.” 

In addition to providing students with technical expertise, the coding lab will also foster a culture of creativity and entrepreneurship. Particularly, having access to such an ultra-modern lab provides a lot of inspiration to students and pushes them in new directions they may have thought were out of reach for the African child.  

Hubtel Pledge 

Hubtel Pledge is Hubtel’s corporate social responsibility foundation, aimed at supporting causes that enhance the quality of life in the communities where the company’s staff live and work. The company’s founders Alex Bram, Ernest Apenteng, and Leslie Gyimah, all alumni of St. Augustine’s College from the class of 1999, share a strong bond with their alma mater. This connection fueled the creation of the Coding Lab initiative, a program aimed at giving back to the college. 

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