Hubtel Releases Instant Car Insurance Feature 

July 31, 2023 | 3 minutes read

There is now a simpler, instant way to insure your car. With a new feature on our mobile app, you can buy an instant car insurance sticker in minutes.  

Engineers at Hubtel today announced a simple breakthrough feature to buy your next car insurance sticker. Showcasing the new feature to a small group of car owners, Patrick Asare-Frimpong, Hubtel’s Head of Products, simply entered a car number, added 3 details, and selected a policy to buy. Within seconds a valid insurance sticker was issued. 

“The idea of buying car insurance online isn’t necessarily novel. What we sought to do is to make it so simple and instant that any smartphone user can do it without any form of assistance. The team’s mission was clear from the get-go. Nobody wants to go through cumbersome forms, paperwork, and long waits for something as simple as a car insurance sticker”, he remarked. 

To bring this to life, the team of product managers and engineers was tasked to work with insurance innovators at Enterprise Insurance, the leading insurance company in Ghana. 

“Essentially, the success of this project is mainly because of the chemistry that existed between the team and our friends at Enterprise Insurance. The engineers were not just available to write code, they were passionate about seeing the idea come to life in the best way possible”, said Abigail Awuni, the Product Manager for the Car Insurance feature.  

By carefully incorporating a blend of useful external data sources and a new form-builder framework, the team crafted a backend system that aggregates all the information required to buy a car insurance policy in the background so that users only provide very little information on the frontend interface. 

In his remarks, the Engineering Manager for the team, Maxwell Cofie, said, “The introduction of a car insurance feature to the Hubtel app is quite a remarkable feat. Given that the users of the app are used to a certain level of speed and ease, the team had to ensure that we achieved an experience as familiar as sending money or buying airtime.” 

“Over the years, the narrative within the wider insurance industry itself has been evolving, and we have been closely observing these developments in the market. When we made the decision to embark on this endeavor about 2 years ago, our goal was clear: to align with our company’s mission of moving Africa forward by helping everyone find and pay for everyday essentials. I’m happy that we have successfully brought our mission to fruition within the car insurance market,” Patrick Asare-Frimpong said in his closing remarks. 

The Car Insurance feature will be available in the next update of the Hubtel app coming on the 31st of July 2023. To install the app go to  

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