Four Things To Consider When Choosing The Right SMS Pricing Plan

March 15, 2016 | 3 minutes read

Over the years, SMS has proven to be a cost-effective communication channel with a 98% open rate. It is accessible by both feature phones and smartphones. Knowing the right SMS pricing plan to use can greatly help you reach your target audience.

The following are useful tips to guide you to choose the right SMS pricing plan.

1. Remain Within Character Limit.

To remain within character limit, you have to take note of the pricing scheme used by your SMS provider. Most SMS providers price an SMS based on the number of characters in the message.

A normal SMS has a maximum limit of 160 characters. For example, if you send a message of 180 characters, you will be charged for the price of two message bodies.

You can adopt shorthand texts to ensure that you use the fewest number of characters possible but still convey your message in the most comprehensible form. For example you can replace for your information with FYI or adopt emoticons.

2. Segment Your Contact List

You can also reduce your messaging costs greatly by ensuring that you are not sending messages to people on your contact list who may not be your target audience.

You can segment your contact list into various groups to ensure that you target your communication at the right audience.

The people who are really in need of your message are most likely going to act on the information you provide them.

3. Take Advantage of Price Discounts

Another point to consider is price discounts. You can take advantage of discount offers that come with high volume thresholds. At SMSGH we offer competitive discounted prices for clients who send lots of messages.

4. Choose The Right SMS Provider

Finally, it is very important to choose the right SMS provider that offers you with the best pricing plan to meets your needs.

You do not want to make the painful mistake of engaging the services of a poor SMS provider. A poor provider will hurt your reputation with your audience with system failures. They will also increase your cost of messaging in re-engaging the services of a better provider.

Note that choosing the right SMS pricing plan is key to the success of your communication.

Contact our sales team at sales@smsgh for more information. You can also check out our pricing page for more details

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