Hubtel’s Success Story Becomes the First from Ghana to Be Highlighted by Amazon Web Services 

March 6, 2024 | 3 minutes read

Hubtel’s success story of moving from struggling competitor to market leader has been featured on AWS’s official website as the first company from Ghana to join the ranks of AWS success stories. 

The case study, now prominently showcased on the AWS website, highlights Hubtel’s remarkable journey from an inflexible on-premises infrastructure to achieving unprecedented success on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Launched in 2005, Hubtel has since evolved into Ghana’s largest mobile payments platform, and the move to AWS has been a pivotal factor in this transformative growth. 

Key Achievements: 
Revenue Soars 20x, Infrastructure Costs Slashed: 
  • Hubtel’s strategic migration to AWS using Amazon EC2, Amazon RDS, and Amazon EKS resulted in a 20-times increase in annual revenue, catapulting from $3 million to an impressive $62 million. 
  • The company realized significant cost savings, slashing infrastructure costs by $1.5 million annually, demonstrating the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of AWS. 
From Struggling Competitor to Market Leader: 
  • Within just two years of migrating to AWS, Hubtel witnessed a fourfold increase in annual revenue, transitioning from $3 million to an astonishing $62 million. 
  • The move not only secured Hubtel’s position in the competitive mobile payments market but also showcased the strategic advantage gained by leveraging AWS’s cloud services. 
Performance Skyrockets, Focus Shifts to Innovation
  • Hubtel’s payments platform experienced a remarkable 100-times improvement in performance compared to its previous infrastructure, enhancing customer trust and allowing the technical team to focus on innovation. 
Hubtel’s Leadership Speaks: 

Alex Bram, CEO at Hubtel, expressed pride in the team’s accomplishment, stating, “We’ve become the biggest and most popular payment provider in Ghana, and that’s all down to using AWS.” Mr. Bram highlighted the collaborative effort and strategic utilization of AWS, which played a pivotal role in turning the business around. 

Francis Wilson, Head of Infrastructure at Hubtel, emphasized the necessity of the move to AWS, stating, “We finally accepted that to scale the way the business required, we needed a big change. That’s when we started looking at AWS.” 

Looking Towards the Future: 

Hubtel’s success story on AWS is not just a retrospective celebration; it’s a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous innovation. As the case study suggests, the next challenge for Hubtel is to build a data lake and leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create business insights for further service development. 

Hubtel’s inclusion in AWS’s success stories marks a historic moment for Ghana’s tech ecosystem. This story celebrates the strategic prowess of Hubtel’s leadership, the dedication of its team, and the transformative power of AWS. As Hubtel looks towards the future, the company remains committed to pushing boundaries and staying at the forefront of technology. 

Read more of the Case Study here:  

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From Intern to Manager in Seven Years: Meet David Nii Kwatelai Quartey

March 4, 2024 | 4 minutes read

Meet David Nii Kwatelai Quartey, the manager for Merchant Success and Integrations. A department responsible for ensuring merchants smoothly onboard the Hubtel platform, integrate their APIs with no challenges, and receive the necessary support and guidance. 

David Nii Kwatelai Quartey didn’t start as a manager but joined Hubtel as an intern and progressed to his current role. 

Read on to find out more about his journey at Hubtel. 

The beginning of the journey…an internship 

“Just like many fresh graduates out of school, I had big dreams. Even though I studied Geomatic Engineering, I decided not to pursue a career in my course but rather decided to start my own business. Well, let’s say that it didn’t go as planned, and I joined Hubtel as a Customer Success Intern through a network. My role was to help resolve customer complaints and ensure customers were satisfied with our services.” 

An image of David Nii Kwatelai Quartey with a big smile on his face
Growth, growth, and more growth 

“After completing my three-month internship, I secured a permanent position in the same department, as a User Care Specialist. While in the role, I became interested in software engineering. This is because I found myself in an environment where most of my colleagues were software engineers. I started learning from online resources like YouTube and Udemy. During this self-learning phase, a vacancy came up for a Retail Systems Engineer, which aligned with my growing interest. I applied for the position and got the job.”  

“My colleagues were supportive, always helping when I needed assistance, and I appreciate that a lot. I think I had amassed some qualities that made me qualify for a systems engineer and coupled with the experience that I had working at Hubtel, it complemented the role quite well.”  

“At the time, my role as a Retail Systems Engineer involved POS configurations for merchants, and that’s how I found myself becoming a POS technician as well. Over time, when the department expanded, I found myself being the manager.” 

What it’s like to work in Merchant Success and Integrations   

“The Merchant Success and Integrations department, in simple terms, consists of three main roles: Merchant Success Officers, who assist businesses with onboarding and ongoing support; POS Technicians, responsible for Hubtel POS setups and support; and Retail Systems Engineers, primarily tasked with maintaining Hubtel APIs and aiding businesses in integrating them smoothly.” 

“A typical day for me starts with a team stand-up meeting to review the previous day’s activities with each team member. Following that, I meet with supervisors to discuss, update, or optimize strategies, and analyze reports and data to identify areas for improvement. If there are any pending projects or tasks, I coordinate internally with the team to ensure we provide a comprehensive platform for our merchants’ success.” 

A picture of David Nii Kwatelai Quartey having a meeting with his team.
My proudest contribution 

“Every project I’ve worked on is something I’m proud of,” says Kwatelai. “When I started leading the team, there were certain updates I wanted to implement, particularly with our technical documentation. Together with my team, we revamped all the technical content, streamlining the content to convey clearly what merchants needed to know. It has made the onboarding process extremely easy for our merchants. Also, I look forward to updating the developer’s portal as well.” 

Looking forward…  

“For me, anything that needs to be done has to be done well. As I progress, my goal is constant self-improvement. I aim to evolve each day, striving to surpass previous versions of myself. You can anticipate continuous growth and development from me—Kwatelai version infinity.” 

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Our Favorite Joints for a Hearty Meal in Osu 

March 3, 2024 | 2 minutes read

If you lack the energy to explore the beautiful city of Osu but want a taste of the delicious cuisines, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of our favorite joints in Osu for a hearty meal. Take a look and treat yourself to something exciting today. 

Breakfast – who’s in? 

Are you a ‘something light’ for breakfast lover? If the answer is yes, then we have the perfect breakfast for you. Cantonment Koko serves the best Hausa Koko. You can select Akara, Koose, or Buffloaf as your side for a perfect combo.  

And if you are looking for ‘something heavy’, Just Between Us Kenkey Buffet doesn’t disappoint. If you are after originality, you can trust that their Ga Kenkey is the best you will ever have.  

Lunchtime – the best hour of the day! 

Even though you may not have the time to step out for lunch, we will deliver your meal straight to you. 

African Delight Restaurant has been on our list of popular restaurants for as long as we can remember. We would have to warn you, after your first try, you might end up in a fufu eat-a-thon for an entire week. There’s nothing we can do about this, it’s just too good. 

If you are looking for something a little bit on the healthy side, Green Cafe has got you. Depending on how much you are ready to chow down, they have a lot of healthy food and drinks for you. 

But if you feel for waakye, you should try Rockz Waakye. It is highly recommended. Their menu offers a variety of extras and add-ons for you to choose from. Make sure you have enough space in your tummy because they serve a mountain of food.  

Did someone say treats? 

Yes, we did! If you have a sweet tooth, there’s no problem satisfying your cravings. We’ve got a variety of treats for you to choose from. If you feel for something sugary, you can try some delicious moist slice of cake from Liz’s Unique Bakery or go local by trying hot Bofrot from Esi’s Bofrot Joint.  

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Hubtel app and get food delivered straight to you. 

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A new way to pay 

May 9, 2024| 2 minutes read

The Best Easter Yet

March 28, 2024| 2 minutes read

Hubtel rakes in 18 nominations at Ghana Fintech Awards ’23 

January 17, 2024 | 2 minutes read

Hubtel, Ghana’s leading payment and quick commerce company, is proud to announce multiple nominations across various categories in the upcoming Ghana Fintech Awards 2023, scheduled to be held on 9th March 2024 at the Labadi Beach Hotel. These nominations not only reflect our commitment to excellence but also highlight our significant impact on the fintech landscape in Ghana. 

Categories for Nominations  

Hubtel’s outstanding contributions have earned us 18 nominations in several key categories at the Ghana Fintech Awards 2023, with 14 organization awards and 4 individual awards for the leadership team, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the Ghana fintech industry and unwavering dedication to driving innovation. 

Organization Awards 
  • Fintech and Bank Partnership of the Year –– Hubtel & OmniBSIC (PT5)  
  • Fintech and Bank Partnership of the Year – Hubtel & ABSA (PT6)  
  • Fintech and Non-Bank Partnership of the Year – Hubtel & ECG (NP5)  
  • Insuretech / Pentech of the Year – Hubtel Insurance (HI)  
  • IT/Tech Firm of the Year – Hubtel (TF4)   
  • Leading Payments Technologies Service Provider – Hubtel (LP5)  
  • Leading Fintech Solutions Provider – Hubtel (LF6)  
  • Fintech Platform of the Year – Hubtel (FP6)  
  • Fintech Innovation of the Year – Hubtel (N4)  
  • UI/UX Fintech Company of the Year – Hubtel (UX6)   
  • E-Commerce Solution of the Year – Hubtel (ES5)  
  • Compliant Fintech Company of the Year – Hubtel (CF5)   
  • Fintech for Financial Inclusion Firm of the Year – Hubtel (FF2)  
  • Fintech Company of the Year – Hubtel (FC9)  
Individual Awards 
  • Fintech Personality of the Year (Male) – Alex Bram (A1)   
  • Fintech Personality of the Year (Male) – Ernest Apenteng (A5)   
  • Fintech Personality of the Year (Female) – Elsie Bram (F1)  
  • Fintech CTO/CIO of the Year – Patrick Asare Frimpong (C3) 
Voting process 

Join us on this exciting journey by casting your vote!  

To support Hubtel, simply dial *711*80# on all networks, input the respective code for each nomination, be it Hubtel’s or the individual nomination code, and follow the prompt. You can vote as many times as you wish. 

Voting closes on Sunday, 18th February 2024.  

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Hubtel Rings in 2024 with Record Growth, Tech Ambitions, and Unwavering Spirit 

January 3, 2024 | 3 minutes read

2023 wasn’t just another year at Hubtel; it was a roaring symphony of growth, resilience, and shared triumph. As we enter 2024, it’s time to reflect on the incredible journey we’ve taken together and the horizon that stretches before us, teeming with exciting possibilities. 

Our CEO, Alex Bram, perfectly captured the essence of this year in his heartfelt message to the entire Hubtel family: 

Dear Everyone, 
2023 will be fondly remembered as a year filled with remarkable achievements and inspiring resilience. 
Together, we’ve nearly tripled our staff strength, growing from about 200 at the beginning of the year to a vibrant team of almost 600. This incredible talent surge not only speaks volumes about our company’s magnetism and the opportunities we offer. But more importantly, is also a testament to the strength of our leadership culture and its capacity to do more. 
And what a year it has been for growth! We didn’t just add numbers, we shattered records. We safely and securely processed nearly GHS 160 billion worth of transactions and transfers, a staggering achievement that solidifies our position as the leading payment services provider in Ghana. This success belongs to every single one of you, whether you were directly involved in processing or securing transactions, building products, directly serving our customers on the frontlines, or ensuring our systems thrived under such immense pressure. 
Beyond these impressive numbers, what truly inspires me is the unwavering spirit that has shone through every challenge we face. From integrating such a large number of new team members to navigating unknown new technologies, we faced every obstacle head-on, adapting, innovating, failing, falling, rising, and always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. 
As we move into 2024, I’m filled with an unyielding optimism for the future. We have a solid foundation of talent, expertise, and achievements, and our market is ripe with possibilities. We will continue to invest in ourselves, empowering each other to learn, grow, and lead. We will also unleash the power of emerging technologies such as AI, ML, and big data systems to create even more impactful services that can improve lifestyles and drive Ghana forward.  
And above all, we will hold onto that Hubtel spirit of collaboration, and that unwavering determination to confront the truth, seek what is possible, and obsessively improve. This makes us who we are. 
Thank you once again for an incredible year. I am honored to be a part of what we are doing for our communities, our country, and for Africa.  
May 2024 be a year of even greater success, filled with personal and professional triumphs. Let’s raise a toast to the future, and continue to build the Hubtel legacy together! 
Happy New Year! 

Beyond Alex’s words, the entire staff at Hubtel is also upbeat about the company’s prospects in 2024 and the commitment towards greater success, personal and professional triumphs, and the ongoing pursuit of building the Hubtel legacy beats ever so louder. 

Happy New Year! 

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Introducing Hubtel Academy

December 24, 2023 | 3 minutes read

Kokomlemle, Accra – December 22, 2023: Hubtel has announced its employee development initiative, Hubtel Academy, which is designed to empower employees and prepare them to support the company’s mission.   

Hubtel Academy is a staff-only program that equips and prepares employees to develop the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their roles while supporting effective collaboration and goal achievement within Hubtel’s dynamic teams. 

In a companywide email to the staff of Hubtel, the CEO of Hubtel and Chancellor of Hubtel Academy, Mr. Alex Bram, announced the Academy saying;  

As you know, driving Africa forward by enabling everyone to find and pay for everyday essentials is more than just a company mission for us – it’s a spiritual passion that fuels our desire to reach for the dreams of our forefathers. This is why I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Hubtel Academy, our new employee training platform designed to propel your growth and unlock your full potential within Hubtel. 

It offers a portfolio of learning opportunities tailored to diverse roles and aspirations, from onboarding and orientation, and department knowledgebase to advanced skill development and industry certifications. The academy will help prepare you to support the mission of Hubtel. 

Beyond individual growth, Hubtel Academy serves a greater purpose. It’s the cornerstone of cultivating a unified and values-driven Hubtel culture, where every one of us is empowered to contribute our unique talents and perspectives in executing our strategy. It’s also the springboard for preparing our workforce for the evolving market, ensuring Hubtel remains at the forefront of innovation and advancement. 

As we embark on this exciting chapter together, I want to remind you that your personal growth and professional performance are inextricably linked to Hubtel’s overall growth and performance. By unlocking your potential, we collectively unlock Hubtel’s potential, not just in navigating the future beautifully, but actively shaping it for the better”.  

Hubtel Academy offers a diverse range of learning opportunities, catering to various learning styles and preferences. Employees can expect: 

  • Comprehensive onboarding and orientation: Immerse themselves in Hubtel’s culture, values, and products from day one. 
  • Flexible learning options: Learn at their own pace through online modules, in-person workshops, and one-on-one coaching. 
  • Skill development across the board: Master technical skills relevant to their roles, alongside essential soft skills like communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. 
  • Continuous learning and development: Access ongoing training opportunities to stay up-to-date and hone their expertise. 

“This initiative is more than just training,” says Samuel Sarpong, Lead Facilitator of Hubtel Academy. “Our aim is to align employees with Hubtel’s unique work culture, instill knowledge about Hubtel’s values and way of doing things, and effective collaboration with team members. We’re excited to see how this initiative empowers our people and fuels Hubtel’s continued success.” 

Hubtel Academy marks a significant step in the company’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and supportive work environment where employees can learn, grow, and thrive.  

To learn more about this transformative initiative, visit here

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Muttina Baci Elevates Snack Bar Experience with Hubtel POS 

December 18, 2023 | 4 minutes read

Growing up, Belinda has always had a passion for catering, even though she studied to become a secretary. Right after school, she set up her own ice cream business named Muttina Baci in 1988. “Muttina” is a combination of her name and that of her husband, and “Baci” means “kiss” in Italian, as this is the place where she learned how to make ice creams.  

Motivated by her passion for catering, Belinda decided to expand her business by opening a snack bar at the Kotoka International Airport in 2006. When discussing the decision to open a snack bar at the airport, Belinda stated, “I felt a nudge to come to the airport.” Explaining how this decision has benefitted her business, she noted, “from a business perspective, the airport has a lot of people coming through on a daily basis —some waiting in the lounge for their flights, others accompanying their loved ones, and some passing through for their personal engagements. Sometimes, these people would want to grab a quick bite.” 

Generally, at an airport, people are in a hurry to get things done, and that is why, even though she was content with the old-school way of accepting payments, she recognized the need to advance to meet the demands of her customers.  

With Hubtel’s POS now in the picture, Muttina Baci has been able to: 
  1. Handle sales transactions quickly 
  1. Saved time by not processing inventory manually 
  1. Improve service speed  
  1. Process a broad range of payment methods 

The airport has a bustling and competitive atmosphere, with many similar shops and bars catering to customers. Moreover, most people who come to the airport have limited time to catch a flight and may want to grab a quick snack before doing so. Others also come with a diverse range of payment methods, and any barrier could lead to a lost customer. Additionally, for Belinda, who manages multiple businesses and delegates some roles to others, having a secure system in place is crucial to help her manage her business efficiently. 

“Besides my snack bar here at the airport, I am also a farmer and a philanthropist caring for over 20 widows in my village. Because of this, I am mostly out of Accra, so I needed a system to help keep my snack bar well organized.” 


The snack bar transitioned to Hubtel POS – a mobile retail software with a web management dashboard that enables businesses to accept payments from mobile wallets across all networks and banks, generate invoices, and manage inventory in real time. 

For Belinda, the ability to handle sales transactions quickly made it easy for the snack bar to serve customers promptly. The inventory management feature helps her keep track of sales items, ensuring her business stays organized and maintains smooth operations even when she is busy attending to other commitments. 

“I was at my village during the Farmers’ Day holiday, which is something I do every year with my family. Despite this, I remained aware of my inventory levels and the sales my snack bar was making because I received notifications on my phone to alert me.” 


Embracing change as a business can help you address problems you did not even know existed. 

“On my stretch, I was the first business to start using a POS machine to enhance my services before everyone else adopted it.” 

For Belinda and her snack bar, Muttina Baci, using Hubtel’s POS has enhanced her customers’ experience. Apart from being popular at the airport for her delicious pastries and exceptional customer service, the ability to complete customer transactions quickly is an added advantage for them as well. 

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Alex Bram Named Among Top 50 Digital Economy Leaders 

December 13, 2023 | 2 minutes read

Hubtel’s CEO, Alex Bram, has been named among the top 50 digital economy leaders at the 8th Africa Digital Economy Awards (ADEA), held on 10th November 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. This award recognizes him as one of Africa’s digital champions and innovators across multiple areas whose contributions have significantly impacted the digital growth and security of the African economy.  

Alex leads Hubtel’s vision of building a platform where everyone can find, pay, and easily partake in the digital economy. His visionary leadership and the collective efforts of everyone at Hubtel have made the company Ghana’s leading payments, quick commerce, and messaging technology company. As CEO of Hubtel, Alex has successfully scaled and pivoted the business through several stages. Alex led the team at Hubtel in its pivotal role in partnering with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) to plug payment processing leakages and grew monthly revenues by nearly 100% to GHS1.2 billion.  

Distinguished men and women driving Africa’s digital journey 

As we applaud his achievements, we also acknowledge the collective impact of distinguished leaders in shaping the digital narrative of Africa.  
Sharing the spotlight are other distinguished leaders in the digital economy, including Mr. Selorm Adadevoh (CEO of MTN Ghana), Mr. Shameel Joosub (CEO of Vodacom Group), Mr. Olugbenga Agboola (CEO of Flutterwave), Mr. Tayo Oviosu (CEO of Paga Group Ltd), Mr. Akshay Grover (Group CEO of Cellulant), Ms. Phyllis Migwi (Country General Manager of Microsoft Kenya), Mr. Abbad Reda (CEO of MTN Zambia), Ms. Lillian Barnard (President of Microsoft Africa), Mr. Ralph Mupita (President & CEO of MTN Group), Mr. Mitchell Elegbe (CEO of Interswitch Group), and other exceptional individuals driving Africa’s digitalization journey across various economies. 

Each esteemed individual among the top 50 digital economy leaders at the 8th Africa Digital Economy Awards (ADEA) has demonstrated exceptional expertise in leveraging technology to drive economic growth, foster inclusion, and enhance the overall digital experience of the African continent.  

About Africa Digital Economy Awards 

The African Digital Economy Awards (ADEA) is a Pan-African award that celebrates, recognizes, and honors the pioneers and frontrunners who play a pivotal role advancing in Africa’s Digital Excellence and future.

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Scheduled Orders: Pre-order Your Meals and Groceries

December 4, 2023 | 2 minutes read

You may already be familiar with our scheduled orders option, which allows you to order your meals and groceries in advance for delivery at a specific time. But if you aren’t, then keep reading. 

Scheduled orders make it easy for you to plan for your day. 

Are you anticipating a busy workday with no time to go out for lunch? Do you have a packed weekend without much time to order in real time? Are you planning to have friends over for a movie night and want snacks delivered right when you need them? Or perhaps you’re hosting family and want to enjoy quality time with them without any distractions? Then scheduled orders can provide peace of mind and free up time for your other commitments. 

Scheduling an order is easy! 

Here’s how you can schedule your meals: 
  1. Open the Hubtel app. 
  1. Tap on ‘Food’ and select from your preferred restaurant. 
  1. Add to your order and confirm. 
  1. Tap on ‘Deliver to me at a later time’ and choose your delivery day and time. 
Here’s how you can schedule your everyday essentials: 
  1. Open the Hubtel app. 
  1. Tap on ‘Everyday Essentials’ and select the items you want to be delivered. 
  1. Add to your order and confirm. 
  1. Tap on ‘Deliver to me at a later time’ and choose your delivery day and time. 

So, if you know you’ll have a busy day, schedule your order in advance and leave the rest to us. 

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FAQs - SMS API Management

September 20, 2020| 4 minutes read

April 2020 Product Update

May 8, 2020| 2 minutes read

Inside Kofi Adjei-Kyeremeh’s Journey: From Digital Marketing to Product Management

November 27, 2023 | 6 minutes read

“I have always been fascinated by technology and vividly recall my first encounter with a computer during junior high school. I visited my teacher once, and I was completely captivated by his desktop computer. The idea of being able to perform tasks on the computer and then print the results surprised me. I was curious about how a computer could transform digital information into tangible, physical output.” says Kofi on how he first got interested in technology. “This experience is what got me interested in the big world of technology, and later product management in tech.”

While Kofi was an undergraduate, he studied agricultural engineering, even though his dream was to major in computer science. Despite this, his interest in computer science remained, so he took it upon himself to study computers and technology independently.  

Taking on new challenges 

“After school, during my national service, I had the chance to work in an IT role at my school, which allowed me to apply all that I had learned. This experience gave me a practical insight into what working in the field would be like. Subsequently, for my first job, I had the opportunity to work as a web designer in a startup, which provided me with valuable insights into the tech landscape.”  

The path to product management 

“As someone who has always taken the initiative to learn independently, I developed a strong interest in digital marketing. Together with my friends, I created an app designed to assist businesses in promoting their products and services on social media. This project provided me with an opportunity to delve into product management, as I oversaw the app’s entire lifecycle, from development to positioning and establishing frameworks to ensure the app met its primary objectives. Surprisingly, I did not even realize that I had been fulfilling the role of a product manager until I saw the vacancy for a product manager position here at Hubtel. So, I decided to give it a try, and here I am today.”  

Before his current role in product management, Kofi began his journey at Hubtel as a digital marketing associate. “My role was to assist the marketing team in managing our social media presence. I then transitioned into the role of a mall content manager, where my primary responsibility was to monitor and manage all items on the mall. This involved ensuring that all items were uploaded in a timely manner with correct descriptions. I worked closely with business owners and customers to ensure that orders were processed and fulfilled promptly.” says Kofi. Reflecting on his journey, he adds, “This marks my fifth year at Hubtel, and when I look back, I can see how far I’ve come.” 

More players with one common goal 

In his role as a product manager, Kofi described his responsibilities as primarily functional. His job entails overseeing other product managers to achieve two main objectives: increasing revenue and increasing the number of active users. 

“A typical workday for me involves ensuring that everyone’s interests are aligned with the overarching objectives and implementing measures to drive growth,” Kofi explains.  

Behind the scenes of growing products 

“At Hubtel, we practice agile product management by dividing tasks into sprints. This approach allows us to gather rapid feedback on product features and development. It is highly advantageous because market demands evolve quickly, and what is important to users today may not be essential in five months. As part of my role, I ensure that relevant metrics are attached to every feature or product envisioned by a product manager, enabling performance measurement. I also assist in developing designs or demos for new features proposed by product managers, which we present to stakeholders for approval. 

In addition to these tasks, I regularly conduct weekly catch-up meetings with all product managers. During these meetings, we brainstorm, share ideas, provide feedback, identify areas of difficulty, and determine how I can be of assistance. My primary responsibility is to ensure that everyone is aligned and working towards our shared objectives, ultimately delivering products that our users love.” 

Favorite product to work on 

“My favorite product to work on has got to be the food product because I was here when we started with it,” Kofi says. “I remember when we began quick commerce; we had everything available except food because we thought people wouldn’t want to order food online. But during the COVID lockdown, people started ordering a lot of food on the app, which surprised us. So, we shifted our focus to food because we saw that people like buying it online. Out of all the categories we had back then, food became the most popular. Currently, in quick commerce, it stands as the fastest-growing product, and I’m proud of that.” 

Favorite thing about working at Hubtel 

For Kofi, working at Hubtel is one of the best things ever. “Being part of the team behind the leading fintech in Ghana alone makes me happy,” he says. “I remember that before COVID, we used to have a get-together every Friday. It was great because after a long week of working, we got to meet everyone, chat, and bond. Even though we do not have that anymore, there is the end-of-year party that everyone looks forward to. It is great to meet everyone and celebrate our wins together.” he added. 

Looking forward 

“Hubtel is constantly growing. Every year, we embark on new and exciting products. I am excited to be a part of this journey and contribute to the next phase of Hubtel’s growth. Hopefully, we expand to other African countries and develop impactful products and innovations that benefit people across the continent.” Kofi says. 

And to wrap things up, Kofi’s favorite food to order on Hubtel… 

“We have this delicious hot kenkey from Kenkey Unique (Big recommendation!). Oh, and one of the best things is that they offer different sauces you can choose from, even tomato stew. They are my go-to retailer for ordering Kenkey on the app.” 


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Isaac’s Inspiring Journey from Teaching to Information Security 

October 31, 2023 | 4 minutes read

Isaac Apenteng serves as the Information Security Manager, leading Hubtel’s information security efforts. For Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we had the opportunity to sit down with Isaac to discuss his remarkable journey, transitioning from a teacher to an Information Security Manager. He also shares some valuable insights on staying safe online.  

The childhood dream… 

We all dreamed of a profession growing up, and Isaac is no different. He had always dreamed of becoming a teacher because he believed he had the gift of teaching. To realize his dream, he set his sights on earning a diploma in education from the University of Education, Winneba. Afterward, he taught English for a couple of years. Then progressed to become a head teacher at a primary school in Kumasi. 

Stepping into the world of IT 

While pursuing his teaching career, Isaac found his interest piqued by Information Technology. This new interest led him to pursue a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc. IT). After completing his degree, Isaac fulfilled his mandatory national service by working at the National Information Technology Agency (NITA).

Catalyst for Success 

Isaac reflects on his journey, stating ” Right after my national service, I got the opportunity to work at SMSGH, now Hubtel, as a customer support officer. Shortly after my joining, the company introduced a new product named the point of sale service (POSS), leading to the establishment of a new department tasked with conducting Know Your Customer (KYC) analysis for all businesses brought onto the platform.

I was fortunate to be part of this department, which laid the foundation for my career in compliance and security, as our primary responsibility was ensuring the compliance of all businesses joining the platform. 

During this period, SMSGH was in the process of transitioning into Hubtel and working towards meeting the requirements for obtaining an information security certification. To oversee this transition, a new department was created. Within this new department, there was a vacancy for an information security manager, and I was appointed to lead and oversee it—a role I have successfully held for four years now.” 

What my day-to-day looks like 

Isaac stated, “I categorize my days into two types: normal and abnormal.”On my normal days, most of my tasks revolve around access control, participation in risk-related meetings, and conducting training for new recruits. On abnormal days, I often receive alerts on phishing emails that staff may have encountered, instances of fraudulent activities requiring investigations, or reports of unscrupulous individuals exploiting Hubtel’s brand to defraud people on social media.” 

My fondest memory since joining Hubtel 

“A month after I joined Hubtel, it happened to be my birthday. I remember receiving a cake with my name written on it. I was taken aback and thought, “Eh, what kind of company is this? It left an impression on me because it was my first official experience in the corporate world, and I did not know companies take the time to celebrate their employees in such a thoughtful way. It was a plus for me and I will always remember that.” 

Proudest moment 

Recounting his proudest moment, Isaac shared, “My proudest achievement would have to be coordinating the implementation and maintenance of Hubtel’s Information Security Management System (ISMS – ISO27001:2013) and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification. Hubtel has successfully achieved initial certification and recently underwent a successful ISO 27001:2013 recertification audit, resulting in the issuance of another certificate. This accomplishment instills in me a profound sense of responsibility and fulfillment, as it shows our active contribution to Hubtel’s growth.” 

Tips to stay safe online 

Isaac is responsible for implementing and maintaining security measures to protect sensitive data, not only for our customers but also for Hubtel as a whole, and he is happy to share some tips on how to stay safe online: 

  • Understand the risks of each online platform you use so that your personal information is not vulnerable to cyber criminals. 
  • To avoid compromise, never share your credentials with anybody.
  • See security as part of life. Stay well-informed and keep up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity trends and defensive tips to avoid falling victim. 
Looking forward 

“I am almost done with my master’s in cyber security and digital forensics” Isaac revealed, “I aspire to further my studies in the psychology of cybersecurity. My dream is to contribute to society’s cyber education and awareness, as we still see individuals falling victim to basic scams and social engineering tactics.” 

Hubtel commits to responsibly handling your data and protecting your privacy through strict protocols and industry-standard privacy policies. Learn more at: 

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How Sazian Integrative Clinic Is Making Healthcare Payment Convenient With Hubtel’s POS

October 19, 2023 | 4 minutes read

Sazian Integrative Clinic is a medical aesthetic and naturopathic clinic dedicated to helping you feel and look your best. One of the most interesting things about the clinic is its commitment to treating patients using non-surgical methods and the payment flexibility it provides.  

Why I started the clinic: 

Dr. Gifty Awuni-Ellis’ first job as a Physician assistant in a small town in Northern Ghana opened her eyes to the persistent health problems people faced. 

“I always wondered if there were a way people could be cured and would not have to visit the hospital all the time. I wanted to help people treat medical conditions from the root cause and not just the signs and symptoms.” The experience fueled a curiosity that led her to pursue a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine, a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself, and later, she had the opportunity of training in medical aesthetics under the renowned Dr. Sam Assassa at Beverly Hills Aesthetics in California, USA. 

How I began: 

She opened her first clinic in a modest space at Batsonaa that soon saw remarkable growth. To accommodate the increasing number of patients, she relocated the clinic first to Tema community 18 and later to its current location at East Airport which was recommended by one of her patients. Now, in 2023, the clinic has expanded its presence with branches in Accra, Tamale, and Kumasi.  

Sazian Integrative Clinic at East Airport
Our biggest challenge: 

Sazian Integrative Clinic encountered two main challenges in managing its healthcare payments. 

Firstly, their patients utilized a diverse range of payment methods, including cash, cards, mobile money, and bank transfers. This diversity made it challenging to efficiently streamline the payment processing system.  

Secondly, their previous payment processing system had a drawback: it imposed a 24-hour delay on settling payments. This delay affected the clinic’s financial operations because money was not readily available when needed.  

Hubtel to the rescue: 

With this, it became evident that it was time to find a payment solution that could serve their patients better. To address this, they turned to Hubtel’s POS, thanks to a recommendation by one of their patients.  

Hubtel POS addressed the clinic’s two main challenges effectively. It allowed for the seamless processing of various payment methods, providing patients with the flexibility they needed. Whether it was card payments, bank transfers, or mobile money, Hubtel’s POS could process transactions securely. This eliminated the need for cash transactions and the associated risk of theft.  

Also, with the hourly settlements, money became readily available when required, significantly enhancing the clinic’s financial operations.  

“After the switch, Hubtel’s POS has been nothing short of a blessing. It gave our patients payment flexibility, and we were also able to process payments quickly. It really did make everyone happy. Not to forget the hourly payment settlement it offered us. Coming across Hubtel was like a gift from Heaven.” 

Dr. Gifty Awuni-Ellis with Hubtel's POS
What the future holds: 

“On a personal level, my dedication to healthcare knows no bounds,” stated Dr. Awuni-Ellis. “We are expanding our services to include Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist care and opening other branches in Kumasi and Tamale. In Tamale, our emphasis is on detoxification and reflexology. This is because we believe in the power of detoxification to rejuvenate the body and reflexology to restore balance.” added Dr. Awuni-Ellis. 

“We have exciting plans to embrace more technology and provide advanced services for the benefit of our patients.” 

The legacy I want to leave: 

For Dr. Awuni-Ellis, her legacy and that of the clinic are deeply personal. “We want to be remembered as healers who left a lasting impact on the lives we touched. It is not just about treating physical ailments; it is about alleviating the emotional burdens that often accompany illness,” she stated.  

It is her dream for Sazian Integrative Clinic to be a trusted companion on patients’ healthcare journeys, no matter which specialty they need. That is why she is on a mission to make healthcare more humane, more compassionate, and more holistic, all while embracing the possibilities that technology and AI offer. 

Hubtel offers products and innovations that connect businesses with their customers. You can easily receive money by integrating your systems with Hubtel’s APIs, create invoices to take payments via card or mobile money, send bulk SMS to your database for payments or withdrawals to mobile money or bank accounts, and conveniently receive payments online through bank cards and GHQR using web checkout.  

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